Each participant receives both The Change Management Pocket Guide and The Eight Constants of Change. The workshop content is delivered by the authors using an interactive, hands on approach. Cases and real client experiences will be used to improve understanding of the material.

Day One
  • Introductions
  • Module 1: Introduction to Change Management Best Practices
         Transitions and Drivers of Change
         Why Manage Change
         The Eight Constants of Change
  • Change Management Review Game
  • Module 2: The Change Management 101 Methodology and Model
         Pocket Guide Introduction
  • Module 3: Plan Phase: Assess Needs
         Stakeholder Analysis
         Leadership Alignment Assessment
Day Two Methodology Circle 1
  • Module 3: Plan Phase: Assess Needs (continued)
         Stakeholder Analysis (continued)
         People Impact Assessment
         Change Management Effort Assessment
  • Module 4: Plan Phase: Develop Plan
        Change Management Workplan
         HR Infrastructure Checklist
         Communication Audit
         Communication Plan
         Leadership Involvement Plan
  • Module 5: Do Phase: Launch Communications
         Key Messages Worksheet
         Elevator Speech
         Communication Network Table
         Road Show Agenda/Feedback Form
         FAQ Sheet
  • Module 6: Do Phase: Transition Work
         Change Readiness Audit
         Commitment Assessment
Day Three Methodology Circle 2
  • Module 6: Do Phase: Transition Work (continued)
         Implementation Checklist
         Stakeholder Commitment Meeting Template
         Workforce Transition Plan
         Training Needs Assessment
  • Module 7: Sustain Phase
         Systems and Structures Action Plan
         Rewards & Measures Alignment Template
         Roles and Responsibilities Template
         Knowledge Sharing Agreement
  • Module 8: Sustain Phase: Optimize Results
         Change Integration Checklist
         Post Implementation Scorecard
         Post Implementation Questionnaire
         Lessons Learned Process
  • Module 9: Wrap Up
         Tool Reference Guide
         Change Management Certification Requirements
         Start your Change Management Workplan and plan next steps