Change Guides principles and tools have been used by thousands of change management professionals in hundreds of organizations worldwide. Change Guides and our team of affiliate partners have worked with hundreds of executive, middle management and unit level project teams wanting to strategically implement lasting organizational change.

Our Change Management 101 Modelâ„¢ including over 30 tools is based on over 30 years of organizational change management experience. Not only is our model used in hundreds of organizations but is also used as curriculum material in several business education programs (both undergraduate and graduate).

The Change Guides partners have authored two top selling books in the area of Organizational Change Management including The Change Management Pocket Guide and The Eight Constants of Change. The second edition of The Change Management Pocket Guide was released in October 2013. Our partners have authored over 100 articles in nationally distributed publications and have spoken at several project management, change management, quality and HR conferences (from local to global).

Change Guides provides a wide variety of books, tools, events, online training, training, certification paths and consulting options that can be customized to the specific needs of our clients and consulting partners.

We guarantee our services - You will be satisfied with our training or consulting or your money back.